About us


Our Process

The bonbons are handcrafted and take days to create. Each bonbon is meticulously hand-painted. For the fillings, we source our ingredients from around the World. In addition, we smoothen each mold individually to ensure that the bonbons retain their beautiful shine and glossy finish. Our precious handcraft is our own signature know-how.


Our Chocolatiers

We are experienced and passionate French maître chocolatiers who decided to make Dubai discover the most incredible flavors in the most aesthetic way through colorful chocolate bonbons.


Our Shop

We are located in the heart of Dubai in Alserkal avenue warehouse 25, Al qouz, Dubai,UAE.



600 588882

Timings: 10AM- 10PM Everyday

When it comes to chocolates in Dubai, you will find that the price of chocolate would be must cheaper in Dubai as compared to many other parts of the world as there is no tax on any purchase in the UAE. This has made UAE a prime destination across the globe to shop for products, including chocolates; and the best place for one to buy premium chocolates in Dubai is at Noir.